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Availability of a spare part on the e-store

How do I verify the availability of an article?

The availability will be listed on each detail page of the articles with different colors icons.
GREEN if the part is in prompt delivery, YELLOW/ORANGE if the products will be available in ¾ working days, RED if the product is temporally unavailable.
A confirmation e-mail will grantee you the actual availability of the product.
In case you can not find a code or you would like to know when an out-of-stock product will be available again, write an e-mail to or call the following number +39 030-6813450

Condition (new or refurbished)

The condition will be specified on each product detail page.

What is the quality of the regenerated product?

There is no difference in quality between the new or refurbished product.

Difference between exchange and supply?

Which is the difference between exchange and sale?

The substantial difference between exchange or supply is that for the first option the customer must send his defective part to Via degli Spinosi, 8 25040 Corte Franca (Bs) specifying the failure in the delivery note. The return of the defective part must take place no later than 10 working days.
The Exchange is considered valid just in case the returned part sent by the customer does not present damages that compromise its reparability.


Is it possible to request the service of reparation?

YES. By sending an e-mail to or completing the dedicated form that you will find on our website, you would be able to ask a quotation for the reparation. Automation Service reserves the right to make this quotation only after viewing the part in its laboratory. Transportation costs to/from Automation Service laboratory will be borne by the customer.


How long is the warranty period?

Each product on sale on our e-store is covered by a 24 months warranty. All the products have been tested on full load on dedicated test rigs before the shipment.

What are the terms of the warranty?

1) Automation service SrL guarantees that the repaired and / or purchased goods are delivered to the customer fully working after being tested on dedicated test rigs before the shipment. In the event of any discrepancies and defects Automation Service undertakes to eliminate the failure in warranty for a maximum period of 24 months from the date of the invoice, without the clients formulating any debit and / or dispute and / or claim for damages or defective goods.
2) In case of tampering of the warranty seal, the warranty will not be applied and consequently Automation service declines all responsibility for the defects of the goods.
3) The report of the defect must occur peremptorily within and no later than 8 days from the last day of intervention with the machine operated by sending a written communication by pec or fax.
4) In any case, Automation service will not apply the warranty for all those goods that are normally subject to usury, have not been correctly stored, installed, and / or modified and / or tampered with and / or altered and / or used in an inexperienced way by client and its agents and / or delegates.
5) Installation operations always require a specialized operator, Automation service is not responsible for damages - including machine downtimes - and / or damage to materials and / or devices being assembled caused by incorrect installation / maintenance carried out directly by the customer and / or third parties;


After placing your order, you can check the shipping status of your package with the tracking number sent to you by e-mail when your package is ready to be sent. Automation Service does its best to ensure that your delivery arrives on time. However, delivery dates are not guaranteed: there may be a number of unexpected reasons why your items will arrive after the estimated arrival date.

Where do we ship?

Automation Service accepts orders from all the world and can ship to any address in the world. Automation Service offers different shipping methods to satisfy your needs and you can choose the Standard or the Express delivery.

How much does it cost?

There are two shipping methods for the shipment of the products in prompt delivery on our e-store. If the piece is shipped as quickly as possible, the cost is € 50.00 (+ VAT) if destined for an address in Italy, while € 150.00 for a foreign address.

When do we ship?

When you place an order, we will evaluate the shipping and delivery dates for you, based on the availability of your items (listed on each product detail page by a different color icons, it tells you if the item is in stock and how much time it takes to be received) and the shipping options you choose. Shipping date estimates will be displayed in the e-mail of the order confirmation and in the order summary.

Is it possible to track the shipment?

Once the package has been sent, you will receive the tracking number with which, by visiting the courier's website, in the "Track shipping" section, you will find the information you need.

Conditions of sales and assistance

1) The assistance and delivery terms are counted from the date of the accepted order. Downtime of commission is not attributed to Automation service as long as necessary to repair. The delivery is considered completed from the date the merchandise is ready for shipment. Any delays or defective parts caused by courier are not imputable to Automation Service.
2) The delivery, in case of sale or repair will be proceeded using standard packaging chosen by couriers, unless the customer requires different modality which will have to specify the type required. Automation service will apply an additional charge for packaging ad hoc.
3) If the customer does not collect the goods from the warehouse in Via Degli Spinosi N. 8 – Corte Franca (BS) 25040 at the end of testing, we will be charging the warehousing / storage costs and the buyer exempts Automation service from any custody responsibility.
4) In case of default, late payment or insolvency, Automation service can require the merchandise return. In case of delay of payment, Automation Service will apply plus statutory interest also to default interest under the combined provisions of Articles. 1224-1284 cc. and Legislative Decree n.231 / 2002.
5) In case of exchange supply, the customer must adhere to respect the 10-days-term (from the date the costumer received the material from Automation Service srl) for exchange conditions; so the defective part delivery. If the costumer doesn’t respect this term, the contract will change in only supply, so Automation Service will must increase for the 30% to the price fixed for the exchange. A 30% recalculation will be applied even if the module (supplied from the customer) results no repairable.
6) For the material ordered without our maintenance work, the verdict for the correct defective parts identification is an exclusive customer responsibility, so we can’t accept the rendered part.