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Technical assistance

Automation Service is a key point of reference in the field of cnc machine tool assistance.

Thanks to its excellent warehouse of spare parts , its thorough telephone support service and its preventive mechanical servicing programmes for machine tools, the company is able to offer comprehensive support, ready to appropriately and quickly respond to customers, no matter what their requests.

Automation Service’s vast experience in providing electronic servicing for machine tools allows it to fully satisfy every customer, sparing them the inconvenience of having to contact several different companies to solve problems relating to machine tool servicing.

Electronic servicing for machine tools is helpfully and skilfully provided by our team of expert mechanical and electronics technicians - true professionals who are able to promptly resolve any issues being faced by the customer.

A special part of the assistance we provide for cncmachine tools refers to Fanuc models in particular.
Thanks to the fact that spare parts are readily available for cnc machines (both Fanuc and those belonging to other brands, with particular reference to the major Japanese brands), boards and drives can be adjusted through an incredibly thorough repair service, as long as the fault in question allows this .

If routine technical assistance formachine tools isn't enough, in addition to the standard service of providing original spare parts, our partners can also opt for preventive servicing solutions, agreed with the customer at a flat-rate price. On these occasions, it is possible to complete a backup of the cnc and hard disk, as well as to replace consumables such as keyboards, fans, cnc batteries and drives.
Preventive servicing, providing regular backups, allows the customer to avoid costly machine stoppages necessary to reconfigure the numerical control, therefore representing a valuable resource for performance.

In addition to these services, Automation Service providesspare parts for all types of machines, which is crucial in order to offer reliable cnc assistance and to perform effective, first-response diagnostics.

Our specialists are also able to provide troubleshooting over the phone, providing you with a machine tool servicing technician who’ll have all the spare parts necessary to complete the repair. Machine run-times are guaranteed by the immediate availability of reliable and high quality spare parts that are always fully and scrupulously tested.

Thanks to the care taken over every step of electronic servicing for machine tools, from receiving the request to testing the machine tools, right through to the final inspection, Automation Service guarantees expert, sound and reliable cnc support.