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DSC_6979We provide a 360° complete assistance service, so the customer is not forced to call other entreprises to resolve machinery problems.

We deal with electronical and mechanical experts that follow customer problems, thanks to an expert artisan service. Beyond original parts we sell, we can also repair the boards and drives malfuction.

We provide also a daily fix cost precautionary maintenance agreed with the costumer, where we realize cnc backups,  hard disks, consumer product sostitution like keyboards, rotors, cnc batteries and drives. The precautionary maintenance with regular backups allows the costumer to avoid expensive production standstill for the reconfiguration of number control. We have also first intervention diagnostics spare parts. Our qualified team answer to our phone number support, often solving your problems directly through the call. In case of an intervention, our call support can solve the malfunction making available a technical expert providing all spare parts that you need.

Our support reduces the production standstill and costs at the least.



“Machine Uptime” is Assured with Fully-Tested, High Quality, Reliable Parts

We take testing to the extreme by adhering to rigorous quality control standards for each and every part that comes through our doors. Our state-of-the-art testing facility ensures optimum performance and reliability, when you don’t have time to wait.

  • Physical Inspection
    • Upon arrival, your part(s) are inspected to ensure no shipping damage has occurred.DSC_7037
  • 8 Repair Specialists
    • 100 years collective FANUC experience
  • Quality Control
    • All parts are tested in FANUC control test stands to simulate “real world” operating environments and loads.
  • Final Inspection
    • All approved parts have a final inspection and complete cleaning before leaving our facility.
Technical assistance support number: help line.

335 7061017

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335 7061017

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